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About this product :

About this product :


A powerful Pain Reliever, Anti-inflammatory, Mild Anti-depressant & Mild Blood Thinner.

For centuries, 'White Willow' has been used successfully for general pain management and many other conditions including poor circulation; protection against heart attacks & thrombosis, arthritis, rheumatism, joint mobility & suppleness.

The pain relief obtained from using our Willow Herbal Tea has a much longer lasting duration than most commercial pain-killers and prescription medications, providing safer pain management without the dangerous side effects. However, unlike prescription medication or over the counter drugs, it may initially take a little longer to take effect. This product is suitable for animals.

GRAMMA'S Willow Herbal Tea excellent for - sprains, strains, muscle tension, cramps or general pain after vigorous exercise; toothache or extractions, menstrual pain; labour pains; poor blood circulation; nervous anxiety; headache, heart burn; lowers fever; digestive problems and much much more.

Willow Herbal Tea is not suitable for: Pregnant women during pregnancy, however, it can be used safely 'during labour' to help reduce pain.

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