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In 1990, a doctor claimed that he had personally found Gramma's Herbal Pepper Sauces successful in relieving long haul Jet Lag, plus it improved the flavour of airline food.

Natural Blood Thinner.

Deep Vein Thrombosis kills over 60,000 hospital patients annually (particularly overweight and pregnant women 'especially after child birth' who are at the highest risk). Hot-Peppers contain a natural anti-coagulant which keeps the blood thin, therefore, it not only prevents clotting, but also improves circulation and is an effective protection against heart disease (strokes, seizures and heart attacks).

We recommend:

We recommend:

To help combat deep-vein thrombosis, poor circulation, congestion and jet-lag caused during flying, long distance journeys - add a little Gramma's Herbal Pepper Sauce to your in-flight meals, sandwiches or a flask of our Caribbean Hot Toddy to drink on your journey.

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