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About this product :

About this product :



A powerful Immune Strengthener, Blood Cleanser, Blood Alkaliser & Energizer (contains African Bush Willow 'Combretastatin'- proven by British & American Scientists to be one of the world's most powerful anti-cancer herbs).

In 1994, this extraordinary Herbal Tea healed 'ZARA' (Founder, Dounne Alexander's daughter's dog) from terminal cancer; after being given only a few weeks to live and her Vet confirming that nothing available (i.e. medication, treatment or surgery) could save her; and advised Euthanasia as the 'best & only' option. Drinking this Herbal Tea daily, Zara made a full recovery in less than 6 weeks; no secondary cancers ever developed and she eventually passed away peacefully from old age. Since then, Zara's Herbal Tea has continued to heal both humans and animals from a wide range of conditions… and as a result, many customers consider it their 'first' point of call for 'daily' health maintenance - from pregnancy to birth; babies to children; adults to elderly, and for their animals too.

In 2008, Zara's Herbal Tea was approved by the Public Health Minister for use in Hospitals and Hospices; and in 2017, a request was made to the Queen and Prime Minister for the Tea to be made available in the NHS as part of an integrated approach to healthcare. We are encouraging everyone to 'listen & share' this honest, frank, powerful & revealing letter below. The information revealed will not only prove invaluable to cancer sufferers and survivors; but also to those who wish put health back into their own hands; and achieve optimum whole-body health for themselves, family and pets.

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