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Welcome to our online store

GRAMMA'S is a (spiritually conscious) small family business, manufacturing 'Specialist Traditional Herbal Foods, Supplements & Natural Body Care', by hand in small batches; but even in today's premium market, we remain 'HEART-CENTRED', mindful of our customers 'purse strings' and the importance of using our 'extraordinary products' daily to maintain optimum health. We therefore try to make them affordable for everyone. This has always been our business ethos and one of the many reasons 'WHY' we came out of the mainstream commercial arena; 'WHY' we do not use investors or middle-men and 'WHY' our unique products are exclusively available directly from us. With this in mind, in order to purchase our products continually, it is important that customers 'complete & return' our 'DECLARATION FORM', which you will receive with your first order. To learn more please view 'New Customer Information'.

Enjoy & Bon Appetite!


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