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"Before the 'Creole' and 'Super Hot' were in my life, food was ok but now I am really enjoying the simplest food"

By Mr Shakerly, (West Sussex)

My Creole Herbal Seasoning has run out and my taste buds and myself are bereft. Before the 'Creole' and 'Super Hot' were in my life, food was ok but now I am really enjoying the simplest food, which (although bland), when Gramma's is added, wonderful things happens and I get inspired to present dishes to friends - this hasn't translated yet into action but I certainly would not have presented what I used to eat to my friends, before Gramma's. What is interesting is that the 'Creole' is so distinct - I thought I could get away with adding either the Super Hot pepper sauce (which goes on another part of the meal), or the Herbal Seasoning 'Hot and Spicy', but it's not the same and at the moment I am hooked on Creole.

So thank you for adding a new dimension to my life, through one of the ways to a man's heart, and yes my heart is very grateful, along with my stomach!

Please send me 2 jars of your Original Herbal Seasoning. I am running low and wouldn't like to be without it. It is good and goes with anything and everything…

Mrs. Michael - (West Sussex).

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Share Your Story:

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Ready to purchase this product?


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