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About this product :

About this product :


A powerful, deep internal Cleanser which removes toxins, impurities and undigested food from the body (including the Pituitary & Pineal Glands in the brain). It actively stimulates, tones, strengthens, regulates & cleans out the bowels (i.e. colon), other vital organs and tissues, plus supports liver and kidney function. This helps boost the immune & nervous systems; increase absorption of oxygen, vitamins & minerals; improve hormone balance; increases energy; circulation, respiration and mental clarity (helping you feel brighter & more alert); aids digestion, weight control; plus prepares the body for absorbing the essential healing properties of Zara's Herbal Tea. It is therefore essential for maximizing optimum, long term health.

Unlike 'synthetic laxatives' on the market which are extremely harsh; habit forming and destroys the intestines 'natural flora', our Cleansing Herbal Tea is not only 100% natural with a very pleasant taste; it also gently stimulates your bowel muscles to gradually regain its own tone and rhythm. This product is suitable for everyone from age 2 years upwards, as well as animals.

After trialing this outstanding product for 1 year, our testers (male and female) commented that it gave them quick, comfortable and effective relief, plus noticed their 'skin' became cleaner, clearer, softer; and felt an overall improvement in their health.

Cleansing Herbal Tea is not suitable for: Pregnant Women; Hemophiliacs and people who suffer from heavy nose bleeds.

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