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About this product :

About this product :

100% Natural, Non Toxic, Non Addictive, Tasteless and Odourless.

ACTIVATED CHARCOAL is one of the most powerful antidotes for poisons, chemicals, alcohol, medication, heavy metals, other toxic impurities and infections. It is also the best known detoxifier (internally & externally) as it cleans out the whole-body by purifying the 6-8 litres of digestive fluids that we secrete every day. It is inert, safe, does not digest but absorbs, neutralizes and efficiently removes all manner of poisons from the entire body. Particularly important in today's society with our heavily polluted environment, toxicity from synthetic medication and artificial foods. By removing toxins and impurities, our Activated Charcoal plays a major role in aiding recovery. Perfect for skin disorders, sensitive / painful teeth & gums, allergies; food poisoning and full body detox. It also naturally whitens; removes stains & polishes teeth; plus prevents premature aging. As Charcoal has no known poisonous side-effects, it can be used by everyone including babies and animals.

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